Guitar Pro FretLight Ready is a special edition of Guitar Pro, providing additional menus and options specifically designed for FretLight guitars.
Relying on the powerful and extended feature set of the latter, the FretLight Ready version helps you create, edit and play tablature for various instruments, while enabling you to learn the correct finger positions on the FretLight fretboard.
A reliable practice tool for FretLight guitarists
Whether you are a novice or an experienced player, Guitar Pro FretLight Ready can help you improve your skills even further. Thanks to is advanced toolset and its intuitive looks you can quickly learn how to play new songs on a FretLight guitar or other instrument.
The application features a configuration pane dedicated to FretLight guitar players. A guitar connected to the computer is automatically detected and notes, scales or chords are displayed on-screen and on the virtual fingerboard, enabling you to learn the correct position of all fingers. Practice sessions can be enhanced by using a FretLight dual footswitch to control the application without even having to use your hands.
Guitar tuning, music notation and editing
The FretLight Ready edition borrows the advanced score creation, editing and reading of Guitar Pro, providing all the tools you need in order to create astonishing compilations. It comes with a rich collection of notation elements and symbols that you can place on the score.
Powered by the Realistic Sound Engine technology, the application integrates various realistic soundbanks and effects that you can use. Alongside the built-in 10-band equalizer, the reverb and the guitar tuner, they can help you generate great-sounding music.
Not only that it enables you to create scores from scratch, but you can also import existing music sheets from external sources in various formats such as MIDI, ASCII or MusicXML.
Express your talent and practice guitar playing
Guitar Pro FretLight Ready comes with a comprehensive feature set designed to let you focus on creation and playback. Its generous range of tools, alongside the configuration options dedicated to FretLight guitarists can help musicians practice their solos and improve their skills, while also expressing their composer talents and creating beautiful songs.

You can now download Guitar Pro 5 Lite from the following source:

More info on Guitar Pro at:9670d34096

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ZeoSpace is a cloud-based storage solution that enables you to quickly upload data online for backup purposes, while also providing a fast way to share pictures and large files with others.
The application only runs in the system tray, enabling you to access all its features via the context menu. Like other applications in its category, it also creates a dedicated storage drive in Windows Explorer where all the shared files are placed.
Share screenshots, files and folders with your friends
In order to share a screenshot, you must use the dedicated option within the right-click menu or activate it with the predefined key combination. ZeoSpace enables you to select the desktop area to capture and generates a link that can be sent to your friends in order to access the resulting image. Alternatively, you can easily save the screenshot to your desktop, send it via e-mail or post the link on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.
ZeoSpace adds new items within the Explorer context menu, enabling you to share files and folders stored on your computer, regardless of their size (which is only limited by your subscription type).
Backup important folders to the online storage
It can also act as a backup solution, uploading entire directories to the online servers and enabling you to access their content from any device, with or without having ZeoSpace installed.
In order to work, the application requires you to create a free account, but note that the storage space is limited (you can get up to 10GB, which should be more than enough for the average user). As expected, you can expand it to get more space by paying for a monthly subscription.
Alternatively, you can use ZeoSpace without creating an account in order to capture desktop areas and share the resulting images, but in this case the shared links expire in seven days and you cannot perform backups.
Screen capturing, backup and file sharing solution
ZeoSpace can be used as a backup and sharing tool, enabling you to save data to the cloud and access it anytime you need to. Aside from this, it features screenshot capturing capabilities that helps you take snapshots of your desktop and send them to your friends.

Mar 23, 2015

FlamingoSFT Episode 56: Owning a hotel with a side job and a private life

In this episode I introduce the latest FinCon to speak about the hotel industry, I interview Brett Madsen, who is the owner of the Mocha Room Hotel in Seattle Washington. I spoke with Brett about how he got started in